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For Photo Labs
Buyaphoto is looking for digital photo labs interested in joining our team
What we can offer you ?
1. Ability to provide a free online gallery for your digital photographers
Buyaphoto offers 2 types of services to digital photographers, one for photographers who don't already have an online presence Buyaphoto Gallery  and one for photographers who do already have their own online gallery  Buyaphoto PrintMe Button.
Buyaphoto Gallery will enable your photographers to showcase their work on one easy site and enable customers to make their selection of photographs or digital images for purchase. This site will do it all, We will create the initial category for your photographer and then they are free to create as many sub categories as they wish, all they have to do is set their prices and upload the images to their selected categories. The website software offers searching of images for the customer by file name, category, sub category, date or image information, it will then offer real time credit card processing once the customer has decided on which prints they want. Once the credit card is approved the site will automatically generate an email confirmation of the order for delivery to the customer, your photographer and also email the you with the high res images attached. All you have to do then is process the order and send it to the customers delivery address.
Buyaphoto PrintMe Button is a simple form that is coded into your photographers existing gallery software so that when the customer clicks it, it opens a new window to the Buyaphoto shopping cart and posts all the image details required to process a sale. All the photographer needs to do is log into the Buyaphoto site and set their default prices and the location of where Buyaphoto can find the their high resolution images.
When a customer clicks on the PrintMe button the photographers image is automatically added to the Buyaphoto catalogue with the default prices that they have set, the customer is then shown their shopping basket with the images that they are purchasing, they then have two options 1. Close the window and look for more images that they wish to purchase or 2. Proceed to the checkout. If they proceed to the checkout and pay for their prints via our secure credit card facility and the order is approved, Buyaphoto automatically logs into your photographers website and retrieves the images that were ordered and sends them to you for printing and despatch directly to the customer. It can't get any easier.
2. No hassles
All Gallery maintenance is performed by Buyaphoto staff
3. New business
Orders are sent to you depending on the delivery address, so that you will also receive orders from other photographers, not just the ones that you sign up.
What you can offer us ?
1. Quality
Buyaphoto will only grow if it can produce professional quality work
We guarantee to the customer that if their prints are damaged, lost in transit or rejected due to quality, that the order will be reprinted or their money refunded. You will need to ensure that there are quality control procedures in place so that the customer is totally satisfied with their purchase. Buyaphoto photo labs can reject an order if they feel the quality of the image is insufficient to produce an acceptable quality print.
2. Speed
All orders from Buyaphoto are sent by email so that all you have to do is check your inbox a couple of times a day. All orders should be sent within 24 hours of receipt.
3. Accounts
Buyaphoto runs on 30 days from end of month accounts
For further information about joining the Buyaphoto team please use the contact form located here .contact us