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Buyaphoto now uses XE Trade to pay photographers outside Australia helper_8 

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Buyaphoto Photographers Agreement
Introduction Services supplied are by Advest Australia Pty Ltd Trading as Buyaphoto and its affiliates / Agents ('we' or 'us' or 'our'). This agreement is binding for all web sites that are owned or operated by us. These terms & conditions govern the relationship between you and us. The services provided by us can only be used if you agree to these terms & conditions. You may only use the web site in accordance with these terms & conditions. Only persons aged eighteen years or over may agree to these terms & conditions and use the services offered through us. We may modify these terms & conditions from time to time. We will notify you by email if we do so. The modified terms & conditions will come into effect as soon as they are posted on our web site and use of our web site (or of any services provided through our web site) after that point will be subject to the modified terms & conditions. Agreement I being the authorised representative of declare that I will only submit to Buyaphoto or its affiliates, images where: I am the owner of the copyright And / or I am the authorized representative of the above named company who holds the copyright and I have the authority from the above named company to submit images to Buyaphoto and its affiliates. I will not upload to any Buyaphoto website images that may be deemed to be illegal, pornographic, defamatory, degrading, racist, or inappropriate for viewing by children. I authorise Buyaphoto to make all images that I supply or upload viewable and purchasable by the general public. I understand that Buyaphoto is not an image archive and I will not hold Buyaphoto responsible for the loss or misplacement of any images that I submit. understand that Buyaphoto may notify me of any image that is corrupt or below standards for selling. And that Buyaphoto may at its discretion request a more suitable copy of the image and delete the original image. I will not hold Buyaphoto responsible and will not claim any moneys for failure to supply service in the event that Buyaphoto is unable to supply their services. I will not hold Buyaphoto responsible for late, misdirected or lost orders that are sent out containing my photos. I will not advertise or place any type of link to any part of an Buyaphoto website on any websites that may be deemed inappropriate by the management or staff of Buyaphoto. I agree to defend and indemnify Buyaphoto and its affiliates, agents and employees from all expenses, liability and damages it may incur as a result of: Any claim that the uploading or supplying of any images by me or on my behalf is an infringement of any third party's copyright, trade mark or other intellectual property rights; Any claim that the processing, printing or other dealing with by us in accordance with these terms of any images uploaded or supplied by me or on my behalf is an infringement of any third party's copyright, trade mark or other intellectual property rights. I understand that where Buyaphoto collects moneys from the end customer Buyaphoto will supply to me a sales report at the end of each calendar month, from which I will be able to generate a tax invoice to submit to Buyaphoto and they will pay me the money that is owed to me less the Buyaphoto commission and charges that may apply (see pricing schedule) and that any moneys paid to me will be paid within 30 days from the end of each calendar month. I understand that if Buyaphoto makes available to me the ability to purchase products via an Buyaphoto website by inhouse payment ( where the end customer pays the photographer direct) I will pay Buyaphoto any monies owing to Buyaphoto within 30 days of invoice date. Should Buyaphoto receive a request for credit or refund from a customer in relation to an order I understand that Buyaphoto will deduct from my next report the value of the credit or refund. I understand that Buyaphoto may at any time rescind, change, modify or terminate this agreement without recourse. In the event of illegal practices by myself or my authorised representatives, I understand that Buyaphoto may involve the appropriate legal authorities and that any legal action taken against Buyaphoto or its affiliates or representatives will be held within NSW Australia. I understand that whenever advertising my images for sale (excluding competing websites), it is a requirement of this agreement that I will list buyaphoto as a seller. By clicking the submit button below I agree that I have read and understood the above terms & conditions.
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Many countries, particularly in Europe, have adopted IBANs (International Bank Account Numbers) to identify the bank account. IBANs will always start with a two letter country code based upon the country where the account is located. The IBAN length will vary from country to country. Please note that we require an IBAN for any bank accounts outside of Australia or U.S.A.
Many countries, particularly in Europe, have adopted IBANs (International Bank Account Numbers) as the account identifier. If you provide us with an IBAN, please enter a SWIFT/BIC Code for the branch. Please note that we require a SWIFT/BIC Code for any bank accounts outside of Australia or U.S.A.
Buyaphoto has chosen to use XE Trade for payments to photographers residing outside of Australia. We chose this payment method as currently XE Trade do not charge us or you a fee for the payment transfer. The downside to this is that you have a few detailed questions to answer regarding your bank details but you get to keep all the money you make on Buyaphoto.
None of the details you provide in your registration allows Buyaphoto to deduct money from your bank account.
Buyaphoto gives you 1 month free trial of your very own website. If you have a domain name you can even associate it with your Buyaphoto website once your Buyaphoto website has been setup.
You will see your Buyaphoto website address as you type in the text box.