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About us

Buyaphoto is a division of Advest Australia Pty Ltd, trading solely over the Internet, we have been in the online photo business for over 6 years. We offer specialty online digital photo printing services to the news media and associated industries by way of subcontracting work to photo labs in Australia and the United States. We use only labs with the highest quality digital machinery and staff. 
We currently supply online digital photo printing services to a variety of corporate clients within Australia and overseas including Fairfax Community Newspapers, News Limited, Rural Press , Australasian Sporting Images and a host of small to medium independent photographers.

As a small company we are in the position to be able to give you personal service from staff that know what they are talking about. If you need help you will get it, If you have a good idea for a new feature that can be added to Buyaphoto we are more than happy to implement it ( normally within days instead of months ). Buyaphoto is not just our passion it is our livelihood just as photography may be yours.


Exposure is everything.
At Buyaphoto we want to make your images available to everyone, when you upload your images to buyaphoto you can not only display them in your own gallery section but we also have general categories, so that if you have sport photos they can also be displayed within the sport photos section of our gallery.

Buyaphoto Gallery
We will create the initial category for your organisation and then you are free to create as many sub categories as you wish, all you have to do is set your prices and upload the images to your selected categories.
Once your customers credit card is approved the site will automatically generate an email confirmation of the order for delivery to the customer, your organisation and also email our nearest partner photo lab with the high resolution images attached. The photo lab will then process the order and send it to the customers delivery address.

At the end of each month Buyaphoto will supply you with a report of sales for that month, all you need to do is check the report, generate a tax invoice and send it back to us. We will then pay you your part of the sale fee.

Buyaphoto Photographer Websites
When you want to make money from your photography you dont want to be stuck at a computer trying to design an eye catching website, you want to be out in the field taking photos or talking to clients who want to pay you to take their photos. At Buyaphoto we have developed our photographer websites to help make your work stand out from the crowd while being as basic as possible for you and your customers to navigate. We have created templates to help you lay out what you want to say on your website at the click of a button, plus all the great features of Buyaphoto Gallery. We do all the server management for you so your website is always available to your clients and we are always available for any basic or technical questions you may have. Buyaphoto photographer websites are subscription based, you can pay your subscription in monthly, 6 monthly or yearly increments for less than $1.00 AU per day.

Buyaphoto RSS Feeds
Buyaphoto is now enabled with RSS feeds, this means that you can now easily integrate your Buyaphoto gallery into your own website and sell directly from your website, keeping customers where you want them. Buyaphoto RSS feeds are dynamic so that as soon as you update your gallery on Buyaphoto, your RSS gallery will also be updated. Its is as simple as uploading 2 php scripts to your website. We will even help with FREE installation.

Support for in-house payment collection
Due to the fact that some of your customers may be used to walking in your front door to purchase photos, Buyaphoto is now enabled with in-house payment collection.
This means that when a customer walks in the door to purchase photos you can use buyaphoto to place the order, all you do is collect the money from the customer and put the payment through as an in-house payment, the order is then marked automatically as approved and emailed to the photo lab straight away.


Here is a list of some of the features available on Buyaphoto
  • Web or FTP Bulk uploading
  • Unlimited categories and nesting of sub categories
  • Watermarking with your own logo
  • Password protection on selected categories
  • Keyword search within category or whole site
  • Customisable header for your gallery and checkout pages
  • Different pricing per gallery or image
  • Global pricing, updates all prices with one button
  • Display IPTC data on medium sized images
  • Edit IPTC data online for better search ability
  • Different copyright restrictions per image
  • Set your own copyright notices
  • Photos are backprinted with © your business name and your phone number


Our pricing is very simple, it involves a yearly registration fee and then a per print charge. The per print charge includes printing and standard postage to your customer.
Some of our photographers have requested that we do not display our wholesale print prices here. To obtain our wholesale print prices, please contact us here contact us

Registration Fee Data Storage Amount       Registration Fee Data Storage Amount
FREE 100 MB $300.00 25 GB
$100.00 500 MB $325.00 30 GB
$150.00 1 GB $350.00 35 GB
$175.00 2 GB $375.00 40 GB
$200.00 5 GB $400.00 45 GB
$225.00 10 GB $425.00 50 GB
$250.00 15 GB $450.00 55 GB
$275.00 20 GB $475.00 60 GB

 For data storage above 60 GB please contact Buyaphoto

Buyaphoto Photographer Website Subscriptions
Registration Fee Subscription Length
Monthly $ 35.00
6 Monthly $ 195.00
Yearly $ 350.00
Buyaphoto Photographer Websites come with a 30 day FREE trial

Print Size RA4 paper Large Format Paper Framed Canvas
4" x 6" available not available not available not available
5" x 7" available not available not available not available
6" x 8" available not available available available
12" x 8" available not available available available
18" x 12" available not available available available
16" x 24" not available available available available
24" x 36" not available available not available available
36" x 48" not available available not available not available

Your pricing
You set your own prices for what you want to make for each print size and it is added to our print charge.
For a 12"x8" print our print charge is $12.95, you want to make $20.00 from the sale of a 12"x8" print, so $12.95 + 20.00 = $32.95 displayed to the customer

Sample websites

Buyaphoto Photographer Websites Nick Milton Photography. This website was created in 20 minutes.

PrintMe Button Website News Limited's online digital photo gallery hosting over 3 million images from their range of newspapers. (the Newsphotos printme Button checkout has been heavily customised). Front Page Me is a fake magazine and newspaper generator that uses our printme button. Front Page Me generates images on the fly and thus needs the printme button to add new images to the shopping basket when needed.

Buyaphoto RSS feed Port Macquarie News photo gallery Fairfax Community Newspapers photo gallery LK Image's website uses our new RSS feeds. Sport the library website uses our new RSS feeds.

Buyaphoto Affiliate RSS feed Australian Womens Motocross uses an affiliate RSS feed from Buyaphoto to display the WMX images only from Sport the Library.


At Buyaphoto we actively support our photographers. If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact us anytime by either:
Email: Please use the form provided here contact us
Phone: +61 (2) 4307 4382
Skype: Buyaphoto My status


Hi Dean,

The success for the PrintMe button continues to please !
Romy has analysed the figures and has confirmed that the online orders have increased to 74% of total orders, up
from 47% for the Christmas and New Year period last year. As you know, one of our main strategies for Newsphotos
was to move as many customers to online ordering, allowing staff to focus on marketing projects.
The sales figures have also increased. We believe the staff's work on marketing projects has had a very positive
impact as well as the ability for us to be able to handle all sales because of the buy me button. Sales figures for the
same period last year (over Christmas and New Year) increased by 81%.
The reports generated by your system have also been very useful for working through the allocation payments and
best sellers' reports.
Thanks for your continued support with changes requested to add the extra product categories - this has given us
some great ideas for even more variations on the products, though we will wait for the improvements to the
metatags which will be implemented by our IT department in the next few months.
We look forward to continuing success!
Thanks and best regards,
Jenifer Wilder 
Deputy General Manager 
Digital Assets division
News Limited Australia 
2 Holt Street 
Surry Hills NSW 2010 
w: (61 2) 9288 3084